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You wouldn’t buy a new car without kicking the tyres and taking a test drive. So we don’t expect you to start building courses with us until you get a feel for how easy it is. This page was set up to give you a good idea on the experience your learners will have when reviewing and signing up for one of your courses. Once you add a trainer to your institutional account, they will be able to create a course page like this in minutes, with simple instructions at every step.

Notice that it’s YOUR LOGO at the top. While we will provide the platform to create, deliver, track and certify your content, the courses are all YOURS. Your brand is what learners will see. Below that, is YOUR COURSE IMAGE. Each trainer can upload an image that fits the course they’re creating. If they don’t know how to create or edit an image, no worries… we can help with that.

There’s a myth that “people don’t read.” If you’ve read this far, then you can already see that the myth is wrong. How trainers describe their courses is the most important factor in why learners decide to enroll. Adding your course description here is a breeze. Your trainers will be able to create and edit with ZERO coding experience. Simply type and save. This course page will be created automatically.

But why should people want to take a course from YOU? Tell them why you’re an expert. Our trainer for this demo course is Giraldo the Giraffe. He’s an expert at being a placeholder for your trainers. Wherever you see his face, or his bio, is exactly where your trainers can introduce themselves. Lastly, you’ll want to see how lessons are delivered to your learners. We’ve made it easy for trainers AND learners. We recognise that busy people struggle to find the time to fit learning into their daily schedules. So we’ve made sure they don’t have to go looking for lessons, but instead, lessons come to them. We ensure that learning can be easily integrated into their routine, without it being a struggle.

Click the [START MY DEMO] button to begin your 8 minute test-drive, right away.

Here are some reviews

  1. Roberto

    April 2020

    Very clear the information

  2. Delano

    April 2020

    I think its good and we can always improve :)

  3. Carolyn

    April 2020

    I know a few people who could benefit from this product.

  4. Ann-sofie

    April 2020

    I am likely to inform my organisation but when we are returning to work.

  5. Salma

    April 2020

    It's intriguing, compatible with some of my thinking and there's nothing to lose.

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Course by Giraldo Camelo

I’m a expert at being a placeholder. And while I’ve worn my bow tie to impress you, I’m just really holding space for you. Your trainer’s profile pic will replace mine (no bow-tie required). Also, this is where your trainer can add a short description on what makes them an expert on the subject covered in the course. Not their full bio, but just a little about their specific expertise in this area. The “Read more” link will take learners to a full bio on the trainer. Read more »


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